About us

BBM team have many years experience with agricultural and nature products in Baltic region. We own factory of frozen food, jam and juice production and cold store place. Our main products are

– fresh and frozen berries ,
– fresh and frozen, canned mushrooms,
– snails Helix pomatia, snail meat, snail shell
– fruit and berry jams and juices
– different kind of products for retail, like mushroom salads, snail shells for decoration etc.

We are certified as ORGANIC product producer and seller according EU Council Regulations No 834/2007 and 889/2008 latest editions

We are importers of ORGANIC and conventional fruit and berries juice concentrate and pure for Baltic region

We work in close connection with agricultural Non Govermental Organisations

In our region we know almost all players in our business area and have good collaboration with many of them

We have good connection in Belaruss and neighbor regions of Russia