Hot offers

  • Cultivated cranberries
    Frozen cultivated cranberries (Vaccinium macrocarpon) Baltic origin, ventilated, packed 25 kg, attractive price
  • Sea buckthorn
    Hot offer for 2 lots of sea buckthorn. First class (A) one full track. Good B class – less than 10 tons. Deliveries start from 1 pallet.
  • Quince
    Frozen quince , sorted class B. Quantity – more than 1 track

About us

  • Experience since 1994
  • BBM team have many years experience with agricultural and nature products in Baltic region
  • We are certified as ORGANIC product producer and seller according EU Council Regulations No 834/2007, No 889/2008 and No 1633/2020 latest editions
  • Close cooperation with farmers and agricultural NGO’s